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Maxed Out Fitness is an elite boutique training studio in Annapolis, Maryland that lovingly caters to each individual and their specific needs. We passionately inspire each person with hope, vision, and power through customized experiences, focused attention, energetic interaction, and fierce encouragement.

Maxed Out is owned and founded by Ashley Calo, a fitness model and ANBF figure and physique pro with over 20 years of experience in personal training and strategic meal planning.


If it doesn’t challenge you, then it won’t change you.

Letter from Ashley

Everyone is exceptionally different. So why is it that, every time you try a personal trainer or fitness program, you feel like just another passing face in the gym?

There are so many programs and trainers out there that promise results from the same cookie-cutter routine they use for every client. The programs don’t seem to fit your goals, lifestyle, or body type. It’s all too familiar to get months into a program and realize that the only thing that’s changed is your bank statement.

This is unacceptable, and I understand why you might feel ready to just give up.

I saw this problem and Maxed Out Fitness became the solution. We help people just like you finally find their strength and confidence in the most electrifying, empowering, and time-efficient way possible.

ashley hesgard, personal trainer, maxed out fitness, annapolis trainer

I’ve been studying and teaching personal training and strategic meal planning for over 20 years. Trust me, I have been through the ringer when it comes to phony plans and empty health and fitness promises. You need and deserve someone who is personally dedicated to you and your outcomes.

If you’re looking for something real, you’re done looking. No more excuses, no more putting it off. It’s time for your life to change.

Let’s do this.

Ashley Calo


ashley hesgard, personal trainer, annapolis personal trainer, maxed out fitness


Ashley Calo (née Hesgard) is a personal trainer and fitness model living in Annapolis, Maryland. Ashley fell in love with health and fitness at age 19. At the time, she was a size 16 (165 pounds) and didn’t feel comfortable in her own body. After traveling through Europe, she decided to take control of her life and hired a personal trainer. In just five months, Ashley built up her self-confidence and inner-strength, transforming herself to realize her full potential. She went on to become an ANBF figure and physique pro and rank in the top 3 of the NPC Lee Labrada Classic in 2018.

Ashley has been studying and teaching personal training and strategic meal planning for over 20 years. In 2020, she embarked on the next step of her plan to make fitness fun, accessible, and achievable for all. Ashley and her husband Joe opened Maxed Out Fitness, a woman- and veteran-owned elite boutique training studio in Annapolis, MD.

At 41 years old, Ashley has dedicated her life to helping others crush their fitness goals and feel at home in their bodies - and she’s not done yet! Every day, Ashley continues to inspire and empower others to own their fitness journey, no matter their background, size, or lifestyle.


With years of hands-on experience and certifications in Pre-& Postnatal Fitness, Powerlifting, and Nutrition, Kristen has the knowledge, dedication, and passion to help clients crush their goals. She takes a positive and comprehensive approach to fitness and nutrition - helping clients become fitter, stronger, and more confident for life.

Kristen is a highly sought-after Pre-& Postnatal Specialist. A mother herself - she understands the challenges moms face when it comes to their health and fitness. She loves empowering women and supporting them on their journey.

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Born in Euclid, Ohio but raised in Annapolis, Maryland, Robbie received his Bachelors in Exercise Science from Salisbury University with a minor in Psychology. He is a Certified Personal Trainer through ACSM and a Level 1 Certified Nutrition Coach through Precision Nutrition.

As a kid, Robbie grew up playing a wide variety of sports, sparking his interest in the exercise field. He attended Broadneck High School and ran varsity track & field all 4 years. His main events included the triple jump, long jump, and the 400m dash. While on the track team, Robbie, at 6 foot and only 120 pounds, realized he was underweight. After consulting a personal trainer for exercise and nutritional advice, Robbie began a hypertrophy/strength training program. By his second year of school, Robbie had gained roughly 50 pounds while maintaining a low body fat percentage.

During his years at Salisbury, Robbie studied the exercise sciences, learning about strength training techniques, special population considerations, human anatomy, and the physics of human movement. After graduation, Robbie stayed in Salisbury and acquired several years of experience as an Exercise Specialist in the physical therapy field working with rehabilitation hospitals and outpatient clinics. Between his formal education and his experience, Robbie obtained extensive knowledge of proper body mechanics, contact-guard, full-body stretching, and special population therapies.

Looking for new opportunities, Robbie moved back to Annapolis to work as a personal trainer in a 1-on-1 private studio environment. Throughout the next 4 years, Robbie completed over 11,000 hands-on personal training sessions. Now he brings this education, experience, and excitement to the Maxed Out Fitness family!


Garrett was born in San Diego, California and grew up in Annapolis, Maryland. He attended Broadneck Senior High School and was a year-round varsity athlete. Garrett competed at the county, regional, and state levels in both soccer and track and field. He went on to play soccer at the junior collegiate level while studying at Anne Arundel Community College. He later graduated from Salisbury University in 2017.

Garrett is certified as a personal trainer by AAAI/ISMA and is CPR/AED certified. Garrett has completed over 2,500 hours of 1-on-1, specialized training sessions with clients of all populations. In addition to a strong passion for fitness and wellbeing, Garrett also brings to Maxed Out Fitness an extensive background in youth sports coaching, having coached competitive track, soccer, and swimming. He is constantly looking to draw from his strengths in leadership and building successful working relationships to achieve goals and positive outcomes for all Maxed Out Fitness clientele.




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